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What's Going On With TurboGears?

If you are using Python and looking for a web framework or if you are just looking to do web programming with Python, you will look out your options and among Django, web2py and pyramid you will notice TurboGears. As a Python developer and TurboGears user, I will let you guys know what is going on with TurboGears lately and will let you have a chance with TurboGears. ![TurboGears Introduction]( A Short Introduction First ---------- TurboGears is a full stack MVC web framework that is built on top of Pylons and which includes an ORM, a templating system, database migration tool, web helpers, authentication and authorization system by default just like Django. If you are wondering, there are two main differences between Django and TurboGears. * TurboGears is using class based controllers and object dispatch. * TurboGears is built using external Python libraries such as Pylons, WebOB, paster whereas everything in Django is built for Django. ![TurboGears News]( What's New in TurboGears World? ---------- * TurboGears 2.1.1 was released in June 2011 and was mostly a bug fix release. However this is the release when the improvements on the documentation started. * TurboGears 2.1.2 was released at August 2011 with mostly bug fixes and improvements. Python 2.7 support was added and Jinja2 support was improved with this release. * A new [TurboGears book]( has been started by Michael Pedersen. The example application in the book seems to be a great example after all. [Help Michael Pedersen about the application ideas]( * TurboGears 2.1.3 was released at September 2011. In case you have not noticed, the new TurboGears 2 team decided to do monthly releases and constantly improving documentation. With TG 2.1.3 Alessandro Molina added MongoDB support with Ming ORM. Seamless integration with TurboGears. [Read more at the TurboGears docs.]( * TurboGears 2.1.4 will be released in this month hopefully, if everything goes well and TurboGears team has a surprise for us. Alessandro Molina is going to release [TurboGears Debug Toolbar]( with 2.1.4 release. A first glance is available on his blog. * I doubt there will be a 2.1.5 release as TG developers are thinking of a 2.2 release which I am gladly waiting for. [It seems it is going to be a great release.]( ![What's in TurboGears For Me]( What's in TurboGears For Me? ---------- As I have mentioned earlier, TurboGears is a batteries included framework. You can go ahead and start a project and: * Use SQLAlchemy with it * Write down [database migrations]( * Choose genshi, jinja2 or mako as your templating engine * Pour some [authentication]( and [authorization]( whenever you need * [Easily create an admin interface]( with tgext.admin * [Easily generate forms]( for your users with sprox. * You can [deploy with Apache and mod_wsgi]( or [nginx and uwsgi]( ![How to Start]( Enough. How Do I Start? ---------- No hurries, no worries. It is totally normal for you wanting to use TurboGears. Now [go and install TurboGears 2.]( and [do the Wiki 20 tutorial.]( Wish you all a happy time with TurboGears. ![Happy TG User](
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Daniel Fetchinson said on 20/11/2011 14:58 PM
Let's not forget that turbogears has a branch called 1.5 which is based on cherrypy and not pylons, see The version numbering can be a bit misleading because folks might think 1.5 is an earlier version of 2.0 2.1 etc but actually it's a separate branch.

Mengu Kagan said on 20/11/2011 17:16 PM
Daniel is right. TurboGears has two branches: 1.x branch and 2.x branch. The subject of this post is 2.x branch.

Joshua Partogi said on 07/12/2011 06:35 AM
Does TG still merging with Pylons project as described on Mark Ramm's blog?

Mengu Kagan said on 07/12/2011 15:17 PM
hi joshua, nope, TG is not merging with the pylons project. mark ramm tried to do that but then michael took over and mark stated that he will be building "orion" on top of pylons project. yet, he didn't.

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