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Django 1.2 Is Released!

Hello everyone! Got great news here. Django 1.2 has been released yesterday with new updates. Of course this is great and exiciting only for Python developers who use Django since web2py supports many of the new features already. :) So, let's see what's new in Django.. * Support for [multiple database connections]( in a single Django instance. * [Model validation]( inspired by Django’s form validation. * Vastly [improved protection against Cross-Site Request Forgery]( (CSRF). * A new [user “messages” framework]( with support for cookie- and session-based message for both anonymous and authenticated users. * Hooks for [object-level permissions](, [permissions for anonymous users](, and [more flexible username requirements]( * Customization of e-mail sending via [e-mail backends]( * New [“smart” if template tag]( which supports comparison operators. For further reading visit [what's new in Django 1.2 page]( I'd like to say something on that. I did start using Django when it was 0.96. It was restricting the developer for almost everything. The idea behind the framework was nice but there were many things to be changed. And then there was 1.0 but i still didn't like it. With 1.1 Django seems its removing the limitations over the developer and we have more freedom so as of 1.2 we have more freedom. We don't have to use templatetags like ifequal, ifnotequal and such. This was crazy already and had to go. One of the things I like about web2py is it's template system is very permissive. One thing missing in this release is automatic database migration. A command like syncdb is acceptable too. And I do not hope they make something like that. They have done a lot and this time we, the python developers using the framework, should act. So I announce here that I will develop a migration system for Django or contribute to existing ones.
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