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Compector Launches

Hello everyone! After a very very long time I've got great news. We have launched [Compector]( that we have been working on for almost a year now. Compector is a decision support system for employees. As in, when you apply for a job, they review your CV and call your references however you have no idea about the company. Questions start rolling in your head: "Have any people left that company? If so, why? How do they treat their employees? Are salaries paid on time? Are social benefits met?" We have launched Compector for you to find answers to all your questions. How it all started? ---------- Last year, my brother and I was wondering what would make a great application and would we do something that was helpful to people in the whole world and solving at least one problem for them. In that night we came up with nothing. The following day, my brother called me up to the kitchen and he asked me "when you apply to a job what do they do?", I answered: "look up my references." he asked again, "what do you know about them?" after that, I lighted up a cigarette and said, "you did it." He found the idea that we were looking for. At the beginning, we were just listing companies from a to z and making the user find the company they look for. For a few months of the development process this is how it was. Later, my brother came up with an idea. People should be able to do this easier, simpler. We should do this as we were a search engine. I agreed. As search engines are what people use hourly, it would be a lot easier for our users to adapt our web site so we have changed the design and the back-end. Yesterday, in the middle of the night, after many tests and requests of my brother we have successfully launched Compector. It is going to be great. How Compector Works? ---------- We require true identity to be a member and post references about employers. Members can only post a reference about their former employers which is the best for everyone. All one needs is signing up to Compector, searching for a company, if it exists adding a reference or reading its references if there are any. If the company does not exist adding it to our database and then posting a reference for it. Technology Used At Compector ---------- I have chosen Ruby as Compector's primary language and Rails as its framework. Before launching, I've upgraded the project to Rails 3.1.1. Our choice of database is PostgreSQL and we are using Solr for full text search. Thanks to Sunspot Rails plugin it was very easy to use Solr with Rails. It is deployed to a Debian 6 server with nginx and passenger. I am not doing any caching as of right now but I will use Redis for that. Pay a visit to [Compector](, sign up and post your first reference! Please let me know what you think about it as this is what we need now.
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