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2011 At A Glance

I can call 2011 quite a good year on my behalf however when I look at things I've done, I feel I've done much less than I could. Here is a list of what I have done in 2011. Things I've Done in 2011 ---------- * Executed an idea we had with my brother, []( * Built the start-up above with Ruby on Rails so I became more familiar with Ruby world. * I have made the switch to PostgreSQL from MySQL. * Got a job in one of Turkey's top web sites where we deal with thousands of concurrent users. * Developed "The Voice of Turkey"s (tv show) web site with TurboGears and Python. * Had the chance to use Redis, MongoDB, Python, TurboGears, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Django, nginx, passenger, uwsgi in production. * Used FreeBSD, CentOS and Debian servers in production. * Learned and grasped Brightcove's API. * Learned and grasped JWPlayer's and it's OVA Plugin's API. * Have done presentations in the Python Istanbul group. * I have read the books "The Ruby Programming Language", "Programming in Scala: A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide", "The Rails 3 Way". Goals to Aim and Achieve in 2012 ---------- * I will work hard on Compector. Within 2012 I aim 100K registered and active members. * Compector will support mobile devices with jQuery Mobile. * I am working on a Software as a Service application with Grails, I will complete it in 3 months. * I will build another start-up with Python and complete it in the next 6 months. * I will dive deeper in Ruby, Python, JavaScript and the D programming language. * I will write more, share more experiences and problems. * I will publish monthly readings for you on Django, Ruby on Rails, Grails, MongoDB, Redis and PostgreSQL. Let me know what you've done in 2011. How many of your goals you've achieved? Are you happy with the result? What you aim for 2012?
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